PUBG Mobile Drop Zone Guide For Sanhok and Vikendi – Best Drop and Loot Points For Beginners

In the previous guide, we told you about the best drop points for finding loot and surviving the early game on Erangel and Miramar. In this one, we’re going to tell you about some of the best drop zones for beginners on Vikendi and Sanhok.

But before that, a few general tips applicable for every game:

  • The first thing you need to do is check your flight path in the map so you can choose a drop zone accordingly, and time when you need to jump off of the plane.
  • When you’re in the plane, keep in mind the points where players are jumping out. You can use that to your advantage as you’ll be able to judge where you’ll find more people on the map.
  • On your way down, as you approach the landing, be mindful of your surroundings and keep an eye on how many players are around you. Then you can decide whether it’s beneficial to take an early fight or hide and pick up some loot first.

Now that we’ve got the fundamentals covered, let’s take a look at some good drop zones in Sanhok and Vikendi, starting off with Sanhok.



  • Starting off with Sanhok, our first location is the Docks. This is a pretty big area where you can find medium to high-level loot for you and your squad.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that this area is located at one corner of the map, so if the airplane path lies directly over it, there are higher chances of running into other players here. And since it’s located in a corner, should you choose to go here, try finding a vehicle early on, lest you fall prey to the blue circle.

Camp Sites

  • Sanhok has three campsites: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. Usually, you can find this area to be crowded if it lies directly in your flight path. Hence, we recommend choosing the campsite that’s a bit farther away from the path, because here you can definitely find some good loot.

Ha Tinh

  • Ha Tinh is also located in one corner, so you won’t be able to land here in every game, but according to the flight path you’ll be able to decide properly as this is a good drop zone.
  • This place is pretty empty usually and it’s easy to find some high-grade loot without doing a lot of legwork. And, finding a vehicle is easy too, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck, even if you’re far away from the circle.

And with that, we’re done with Sanhok. Let’s head to the snowy region of Vikendi and see what are some good drop locations.



  • Our drop zone for Vikendi is Movatra. Here, you can find some high-quality loot, and the good thing is that it’s pretty close to dino park. So, when people are hot dropping at Dino Park and busy fighting amongst themselves, you can stick around in Movatra, loot the area in peace, gear up and pick people off from a safe distance.


  • The Cosmodrome is a pretty big area and there are high chances of finding a crowd here if your airplane is following a path directly over it. But the positive thing is that this place is known for high-quality loot and it’s big enough for your entire squad to find something powerful for each member.

Dobro Mesto

  • Our last drop zone on Vikendi is Dobro Mesto. This is located right along the Vikendi coastline, and is a really huge area where you can spend some time and easily gather weapons and equipment for your squad. You entire squad can gear up with some high-level equipment and head into battle towards the centre, as getting to the circle isn’t hard either.

So, those were our suggestions for some of the best locations to find loot in Sanhok and Vikendi. For our drop zone and loot location guide for Erangel and Miramar, click here.

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Jasmeet Singh
Jan 31, 2020